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Much less is known about the origin of gold than about the origin of clothing, coffee or chocolate, even though gold lasts most people a lifetime. It is time to put Fairtrade gold on the map.


Fairtrade goldsmith Juffrouw Dubois (professional pseudonym of Sanne de Vries) is one of about 100 Fairtrade goldsmiths in the Netherlands. She has a studio in Utrecht with fellow goldsmith Jet Bartman: together they form the pair Jet & de Juffrouw. Most remarkable at first sight is the sentence on the door that states: 2 Fairtrade edelsmeden (silver-and goldsmiths). Because we have all seen Tony Chocolonely bars and Fairtrade coffee in the supermarket. But Fairtrade gold?

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05 Dec 2016

Galerie Guthschmidt

Juffrouw Dubois - Galerie Guthschmidt
It is with pride that I announce the new home for my “Perpetual” collection: Galerie Guthschmidt in the Hague now showcases the Fairtrade red-gold and silver designs.  The Iittala Tanssi collection formed the inspiration for the six wearable pieces of jewellery. Klaus Haapaniemi designed the tableware based on the Chech opera “The Cunning Little Vixen”. Galerie Guthschmidt provides the libretto with the pieces. 
15 Jul 2015

Central Museum Utrecht

Juffrouw Dubois - Central Museum Utrecht
The renovated and renewed shop of the Utrecht Centraal Museum has invited me to fill a showcase with the ‘Peaches and Cream” collection and a second one with the “Dipped Halo’s”.  The new shop is accessible for free and worth the visit. The museum too is highly recommendable. 
10 Jun 2015

fabulous finnish

Juffrouw Dubois - fabulous finnish
The artikel of the finnish blogger Anni you can find here!
Thanks Anni
06 Jun 2015

A new collection for the exhibition in Utrecht’s botanical garden

Juffrouw Dubois - A new collection for the exhibition in Utrecht’s botanical garden
From May 13 onward, I present my new ‘Perpetual’ collection in the exhibition with 25 goldsmiths and designers in Utrecht’s botanical garden. 
The collection consists of 4 pieces and is built from blueberry twigs, made of Fairtrade gold en silver. The ceramics come from the Tanssi porcelain that Klaus Haapaniemi designed in collaboration with Iittala. The exhibition is open from 13 May until 7 June. 
13 May 2015

On fieldwork at studio Juffrouw Dubois

Juffrouw Dubois - On fieldwork at studio Juffrouw Dubois
The Special Envoy Natural Resources of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a Fairtrade gold ring for his wife in the workshop of the goldsmith Juffrouw Dubois, who had designed and made the ring. Thanks to a new form of registering the use of Fairtrade gold, the sustainable product has become available to designers and goldsmiths in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs embraces the initiative for Fairtrade and sustainable gold. In the words of Special Envoy, Mr Dirk-Jan Koch: ”If we all pay a decent price for gold, we contribute to reducing the poverty of hundred thousands of gold miners.”
16 Dec 2014


Juffrouw Dubois - Fairtrade

It is with great pleasure that Juffrouw Dubois presents the first Fairtrade gold birdhouse, made of 14 carat gold. Who will be the lucky bird wearing it?

The birdhouses can be ordered by sending an email to sanne@juffrouwdubois.com. Please specify whether you would like a birdhouse of Fairtrade silver (€45, -), or a Fairtrade golden one (€400, -). You will receive your birdhouse accompanied by two cords: one pink like in this picture and one surprise colour. The birdhouses are very popular which implies that it might take a little while before you receive your own.
11 Dec 2014

Twijnstraat Fair

Juffrouw Dubois - Twijnstraat Fair

Five times a year the famous Twijnstraat in Utrecht hosts a lovely market. The Twijnstraat Market is thè place to be for artisanal products from the region, delicacies and of course to meet Juffrouw Dubois. Juffrouw has a market stall where she presents her ceramic jewellery, the bird house collection, and the cow horn earrings. Check out the Twijnstraat Facebook page for the latest info.

05 Oct 2014

Puha Shop

Juffrouw Dubois - Puha Shop
Juffrouw Dubois is pleased to announce a new sales point. Puha in the Voorstraat in Utrecht now sells her birdhouse collection. For those who missed out on Puha so far: this beautiful shop sells clothing, jewellery, and accessories by young designers. Be tempted by the great quality, simplicity and good materials for sale in this wonderful shop.
29 Sep 2014